Last week, Associate, Nicole Voss moderated a panel reviewing the viability of a harborwide barrier in Boston. The panel featured Paul Kirshen, an engineer from UMass engaged in the Sustainable Solutions Lab, Wendi Goldsmith, a geologist whose work was critical to the success of the 1.8 mile barrier construction in New Orleans after Katrina, and Anamarija Frankic, an ecologist who teaches biomimicry at both UMass and the University of Croatia. Kirshen began by laying out the three schemes being investigated in the ongoing Barr Foundation Study. Afterward, both Goldsmith and Frankic laid out perspective on the benefits of hard, gray and green infrastructure. The panel then spent time answering audience questions, which focused on alternative strategies to the massive barrier.

Nicole will also be presenting at the AIA 2018 National Conference in New York City.

This year, Arrowstreet participated on five panels, two building tours, and exhibit floor VR/AR demos at ABX/Greenbuild.

Topics: ABX, Resiliency, Greenbuild, Speaking Engagements, Sustainability