As part of our work on the renovations at the Boston Public Library‚Äôs Central Library in Copley Square, we were asked to develop a concept for a large wall in the renovated lobby. After vetting many ideas, we proposed a simple mosaic that combined two things near and dear to the BPL’s heart: books, and Boston.

The mosaic, which features an interpretation of the city of Boston, is created entirely out of hardcover books which were purchased from a local used bookshop or donated for the project. Each book was scanned in order to complete the layout electronically. This allowed us to see the entire mural, refine details, and move books around easily while protecting them for the installation. The full-sized mural was then laid out by hand for final refinements. Once the design was approved by the BPL, each book was tagged and then sent to the fabricator to be sealed, sprayed, and securely attached to backer panels for installation.

The mosaic is another innovative and engaging piece of art for the Boston Public Library, which celebrated the grand reopening of the Central Library in July of 2016.

Project Details


Boston, MA


Boston Public Library



Photos by Robert Benson

Architectural Plans / Process