This year, Arrowstreet has six staff members presenting at the AIA ’18 Conference on Architecture in New York City. Be sure to check out their sessions!

Share Your Voice: Guides for the Future of Equitable Practice (EV204)
June 20 | 800am – 12:00pm
Featuring: Nicole Martineau AIA

Are you interested in building a more equitable workplace, but unsure of how to start? Do you have expertise on an equity issue that could benefit others? In either case, the Equity and the Future of Architecture Committee wants your feedback on a new series of Equitable Practice Guides designed to provide strategies for advancing equity within your workplace. Come ready to learn about EQ+FA’s work, and to contribute your ideas towards a guidebook poised to shape the future of design practice.

Mitigating the Socioeconomic Impacts of Climate Change (TH305) 
June 21 | 8:45am – 9:45am
Featuring: Nicole Voss AIA

Do the consequences of climate change disproportionately affect low-income communities and communities of color? Join us for this session to explore critical climate components that are affecting our most vulnerable communities in the New York and Boston areas. In addition to sea-level rise, you’ll learn how heat waves and public transportation disruptions due to snow directly impact lower-income communities. Plus, take a look at opportunities to fortify these neighborhoods and mitigate the social injustice implicated in climate change.

Addressing Inequality in Our Cities: Building a Resilient Future (ArchiTalk) (TH409)
June 21 | 9:45am – 11:15 am
Featuring: Emily Grandstaff-Rice FAIA

Structural disadvantages—racial segregation, poor infrastructure, and chronic underinvestment—have a significant impact on who benefits from community investment. Vulnerable communities are often disproportionately affected and often experience lasting consequences. Communities under stress, such as Boston, New Orleans, and Ferguson, Missouri, have revealed the lasting effects of segregation and racism and points of weakness that can no longer be ignored. Join us for this enlightening session to explore these complex issues in greater depth. A former mayor, former chief resilience officer, and two practicing architects will examine the complicated intersection of architecture, public health, climate change, and racism.

Harassment in the Workplace, Part 2–Community and Resources: Hearing Voices & Exploring Conversation Strategies (SA113)
June 23 | 8:00am – 9:00am
Featuring: Emily Grandstaff-Rice FAIA

Panelists will provide an introduction on the topic of harassment, and there will be an open forum in which participants will be able to raise various factual scenarios for discussion. The panelists will respond to questions, covering prevention, reporting and long-term remedies. The session will also cover key resources, including relevant government agencies and other organizations, as well as educational resources.

Future Urbanists: Tech Tools for Architects in the Fourth Transformation (SA310)
June 23 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Featuring: Kachina Studer, Kat Schneider, & Tyler Shannon AIA

Envision the city of the future through the Fourth Transformation! This session reveals how the practice of data science and technologies like virtual and augmented reality create new opportunities to inform urban planning and architectural design. You’ll engage with a panel of expert technologists and practitioners of Future Urbanism to discuss the convergence of technology and the art of placemaking.
You can’t imagine what the near future holds for technology and innovation—but this conversation will come close to getting you there.

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