Senior Associate Emily Grandstaff-Rice will be facilitating the BSA’s Guides for Equitable Practice: Intercultural Competence, PT. 1 on Tuesday, 6/30 and PT. 2 on Tuesday, 7/14.

This session will be equal parts presentation and discussion, and is the first of two sessions on Intercultural Competence. Guides for Equitable Practice: Intercultural Competence, Part 2, will take place on Tuesday, July 14. You can register for part 2 here.

The AIA Guides for Equitable Practice, done in partnership with the University of Washington and the University of Minnesota, and the American Institute of Architects’ Equity and the Future of Architecture Committee (EQFA), are a vital part of AIA’s long-term commitment to lead efforts that ensure the profession of architecture is as diverse as the nation we serve.

These guides are meant to help you make the business and professional case for ensuring that your organization meets the career development, professional environment, and cultural awareness expectations of current and future employees and clients.

Each chapter includes real-world-derived best practices, relevant research, and other tools to help you address a variety of employment and personnel issues about equity, diversity, and inclusion. Each guide begins with a baseline explanation of its topic, conveying the knowledge and language required to have meaningful conversations with individuals at any level of your firm.

Learn more and register for Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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