As the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) embarks on nearly $2 billion in capital investment projects at Logan airport, Arrowstreet was tasked with creating a video animation for the Authority’s new “Logan Forward” website. As one of the busiest airports in the country–servicing over 40 million people a year–the Logan Forward initiative is to become an airport of the future, undertaking almost a dozen new infrastructure projects across the next few years. However, achieving this will undoubtedly impact the traveler experience.

Knowing this, Massport asked Arrowstreet to create a rendered fly-through animation showcasing how these infrastructure improvements will positively improve the traveler experience at Logan. The fly-through takes viewers through many of the airport improvements, including new roadways, improved terminal connections, sustainability features, and a new 2,000-space parking garage for Terminal E.

As the architect for the Terminal E parking garage, Arrowstreet provided Massport with an animated axon video during the design to help Massport visualize the structures design, program, and connections. Shown from both a birds-eye and commuters perspective, the video illustrates the garages’ innovative design, incorporating abundant biophilia, and visual interest. A dynamic perforated metal façade has variable openings, bending in shape, providing unique views and experiences across all directions. The new garage offers multiple entry points, solar panels on the roof, and new linkages to the pedestrian overpass.

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