This year, Arrowstreet celebrates our 50th anniversary as a firm.  Over the last half century, 1,000+ employees have walked through our doors to become a part of the Arrowstreet family.  Throughout these years and all of these employees, certain aspirations have remained central to the place— our sense of community within the firm and the sense of community in the places we shape.  Be they the places we live, the places we work or shop, the places we learn, or where we go for entertainment, we have sought to advance that which gives life, enthusiasm, and opportunity to all whose lives we touch.

Our firm got its start 50 years ago when Jack Myer and Fletcher Ashley incorporated under their names in 1961.  Arrowstreet was formed as an evolution of the firm in 1973, a time of changing philosophies about the practice of architecture and a desire to create a firm that expressed the inclusiveness of staff in firm leadership as well as the greater inclusion of users and citizens in planning and architecture.  Among the original founders still working within our walls today include Bob Slattery and Richard Krauss.

The firm grew strong in public sector work in the early years. Notably there was a series of projects involving planning facilities for persons with mental/developmental health challenges which was centered in Massachusetts, but took us to all corners of the country as experts on planning services and facilities. This led to work with the military on prototypes and guidelines for a wide variety of building types the military wanted to improve as it shifted to an all-volunteer force. Guidelines were written and facilities designed for many aspects of community life, including child care, recreation, and housing.

Until the mid ‘80’s, architectural work for the firm tended to be public and institutional in nature, including housing.  In the mid ‘80s we created opportunities in the commercial sector. Gradually this became a substantial source of work, as we successfully undertook the CambridgeSide Galleria project.  This launched the firm’s reputation in new directions.  We grew our experience in hospitality, institutional, office/labs, environmental graphics, interiors, and expanded our international work.

Join me and the entire Arrowstreet team in celebrating our hard work and lasting commitment to thoughtful planning, architecture, and design.  We look forward to discovering what the future holds!