As an award winning, Boston-based architecture and design firm, Arrowstreet is comprised of over 95 architects, interior designers, planners, and graphic designers who are astute observers, bringing diverse perspectives to every venture.  We harness our staff’s depth of knowledge and creative thinking to solve the diverse building challenges across a wide range of sectors and building types.   From multi-dimensional, urban mixed-use projects to multi-family housing, hospitality, retail and schools, we are progressive, collaborative and fresh in our approach.  At the heart of Arrowstreet’s practice is the ability to take complex projects and distill them into dynamic design and development opportunities. The firm’s projects reflect developing social patterns, business trends and anticipated changes in the natural environment; our designers consider building resiliency, rising sea levels and environmental sustainability. Arrowstreet approaches each commission as unique and develops thoughtful, forward-thinking design solutions that blend the authentic character of a community with progressive ideas and techniques. We apply new technology to our interdisciplinary practice and have embraced virtual and augmented reality to enhance our design practice and client engagement.

Since our inception in the 1960’s, Arrowstreet has continuously evolved, challenging ourselves to re-imagine typical building typologies.There is a spirit of equity on our project teams, where the combination of experience and talent has allowed us to stay at the forefront of the profession. Here at Arrowstreet, interdisciplinary in-house teams sit side-by-side, harnessing their depth of knowledge and creative thinking to solve the most complex building challenges.