Rechler Equity Partners, new headquarters

Last month, I was interviewed by reporter Dana Rubinstein from the Wall Street Journal about our work on the new headquarters for Rechler Equity Partners. The article, Suburban ‘Green’, was featured in the Commercial Real Estate section.

An excerpt:

“The fanciful, aqua-hued building designed by the Somerville-based Arrowstreet will rest on a slight hill overlooking the expressway, serving, in architect Scott Pollack’s words, “as something iconic and forward-thinking that people would drive by and remember.

“Indeed, the building, if the rendering is any guide, will represent the sole architectural bright spot amid an otherwise dreary agglomeration of reflective-glass and concrete office parks whose main selling point is their proximity to a highway.”

You can read the full article here: Suburban ‘Green’

Topics: Office/Lab, Press