Rendering by Arrowstreet Rendering by Arrowstreet Rendering by Arrowstreet

BIM is clearly the production tool of the future for the architectural profession.  But when is the best time to integrate BIM software into the conceptual design of a project?  At Arrowstreet, it is becoming more and more clear the answer is “the sooner the better.”  Arrowstreet architectural staff members such as David Burn, Matt Rice, and others continue to demonstrate the advantages BIM provides with regards to being able to explore multiple design options quickly and produce images that are easy for clients, consultants, contractors, prospective tenants, and public officials  to understand.  This allows for a very fluid process, expediting design decisions and budget and cost analysis, as well as assisting in the leasing and marketing aspects of several projects.

The renderings above were created using a combination of REVIT (BIM) and Photoshop. We used REVIT to generate images of the architecture, which include photorealistic views of the building materials, site work (sidewalks, grass, roads, etc), and backgrounds (skies, in this case). The people, signage, and retail imagery is all done in Photoshop- when we add the entourage and bump up the saturation, the images really take on a sense of realism rather than a computer-generated image. Once we insert the “scalies”-the photoshopped people to give a sense of scale to the building-we find that our client can truly relate to the image of the prospective building.

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