On June 1st, I will be speaking during the sold out NAIOP tour of 325 Vassar Street on the topic of Universal Flex Labs: A New Approach to Lab Space. A key part of designing 325 Vassar Street was working with Biomed Realty Trust to create the Universal Flex Lab template: a modular design of lab, office, and support space that could be quickly and easily customized to suit any technical discipline.

The event synopsis follows:

Life science real estate is a hot market, but with unique building requirements and frequent changes, the capital and operating costs can pose a significant challenge for many developers.

Enter Universal Flex Labs™, pioneered by BioMed Realty Trust in the redevelopment of 325 Vassar Street, a 60K square foot laboratory research facility in Cambridge. Rather than build the traditional fixed lab modules, BioMed’s design team created flexible research space that is easily customized for a variety of lab uses, while also maximizing the space’s operational efficiency and accommodating rapid occupancy.

See this ground-breaking approach to lab space design first hand at NAIOP’s Tour of 325 Vassar, featuring Bill Kane, Senior Director of Acquisitions & Leasing, BioMed Realty Trust, and other key members of the development team. Find out:

What is driving today’s lab market and what’s next?
How has the downsizing of large pharma affected development?
What makes a space “Universal” and what are the short and long term cost savings??
How has the approach to marketing and leasing changed?
What are the challenges in designing this type of space?

Topics: Office/Lab, Planning, Events