I will be speaking this November at Build Boston at a panel discussing sustainability, today’s realities, and innovative efforts to move towards or even beyond net-zero and carbon neutral design. Also on the panel are Tom Kennedy and Mark Walsh-Cooke of ARUP and Bill Taylor of CRJA.

For more information or to register for the program, visit Build Boston’s website. The program summary follows:

Code: B24
Title: Beyond the Building for Net-Zero, Carbon Neutral Design
Description: The built environment of tomorrow will reflect new efficiencies and accommodations practitioners would not have considered a few years ago. How multiple disciplines work together to achieve these new goals is critical. The building and site in its entirety must be considered for a true net zero project. By use of case studies of projects in multiple regions, this session will present emerging strategies for the design, implementation and management for carbon neutral, net zero water and energy projects. Panelists will explore: Reduction, recycling and reuse of materials to reduce to embodied carbon footprint Reduction, water capture, alternative sourcing and offsetting strategies for water Reduction, generation, offsetting and potential microclimatic strategies for energy.
Day: Thursday
Date: November 17, 2011
Time: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Topics: Sustainability, Events