On Friday, October 28th Arrowstreeters showcased their design, carving, and decorating skills at our 4th annual Pumpkin Design Contest.  We had a variety of entries in this year’s contest, including a Transformkin complete with drywall screws (Matt Rice); a traditional Halloween bat carving (Greg Triplett); a wide-eyed, floppy-eared dog named Spot (Mike Conlan); a cannibalistic pumpkin dripping candy corn (Stephanie Tyll and Lama Bitar); and pumpkin carved like an Oak tree with a “tire” swing (Lauren Haggerty).

I don’t think of myself as very creative, so I was surprised when the votes were tallied and my pumpkin was crowned the winning gourd.  My design was close to nature, with etched ginkgo leaves and berries. It was the only pumpkin lit from a string of lights, which I inserted through a hole carved in the bottom.  They were all great entries, but I was happy to take home the prize: a gift certificate to the Somerville Theatre.  Can’t wait to see what pumpkin designs come to life next Halloween!

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