Over the past few months Matt Rice and I have had the opportunity to give the 7th, 8th and 9th grade students of KIPP Academy Lynn a tour of their new school, which is currently under construction, and speak with them about the role of an architect in this  project. We teamed together with the Consigli, the building contractor, to walk them around the site and share information about the building and process. It was a fun experience for all involved. The students had great questions and the excitement they had for their new space was apparent. The new KIPP Academy Lynn building is scheduled to open for the start of the 2012 school year.

Below are a few of my favorite lines from the wonderful thank you cards we received from the students.


  • “you have been a great addition to our KIPP family and team!”
  • ”It must be hard building a building that is 7,000 square feet! “ (I think she meant 70,000!)
  • “I hope you guys finish and have time to take care of yourselves. “
  • “I like how you have an awesome job that you can make a lot of money.”
  • “Someday I’m going to be like you when I grow up because I like what you do and how you help a lot.”
  • “what has surprised me is you were a woman architect because many that I have seen were men.”



  • “matt is creating a better future for all the kippsters. Like if Matt didn’t care he would have just thrown anything together and not care what it looked like but he took his own time to help build our new high school…”
  • “if I had a award for working hard and not giving up, I will give it to you…”
  • “you really are the main person to look up to because the building has to go a certain way….”
  • “thanks for being concerned with our education and the environment”
  • “you had the answers to most of our questions”

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