Arrowstreet is working on this super cool new climbing gym right here in Somerville. This video shows more of what’s to come.

Here is some more information on the gym, directly from our client, Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn Boulders Somerville is a hybrid climbing facility built on the premise that physicality stimulates innovation and creativity.

Our goal is to provide a new type of curated community space anchored by some of the most sophisticated and challenging climbing features and augmented by art, culture, music and entrepreneurship.

Climbing facilities are the new pathway to crags and we are excited to have a 38,000 square foot facility to welcome new climbers to the sport and to educate them on how to respectfully and responsibly transition to crags.

The climbing routes will be re-set continuously, the communal space will be uniquely comfortable and there will be plenty of cardio, yoga, unconventional weight training facilities, retail, cafe, saunas, personal training and climbing technique training.

Come experiment with us as we explore abolishing the lines between work life and play under one roof.

Topics: Interiors