Recently, the Arrowstreet staff accompanied me to the Chestnut Hill Square project for a site visit.  The four new structures are each at different phases of construction, but enough is there to get a good sense of the massing, spatial relationships, and envelope finishes.  Building A, the largest structure, is the one furthest along, with the brick veneer and storefront being installed and partitions and cores going up on the interior.  Buildings B and C have the steel up and the exterior is starting to be framed out.  The parking garage is far along- it went up quickly, within the past five weeks, with prefab concrete components.

The largest tenant in the project, a Wegman’s grocery store, is just preparing to start their own build-out; they have their own trailer on site.  The vast lower level that they will be occupying is impressive without anything in it right now. The fitness club tenant is installing a lap pool on the level above the major grocery store space, an interesting structural challenge.  The remaining tenants are mixed between stores, restaurants, and medical offices.

Topics: Infrastructure, Retail, Mixed Use