Rendering by Arrowstreet

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a fund raising celebration that was put on by Excel Academy Charter Schools. Excel serves the Boston area with three individual middle schools, one of which is a recently completed Arrowstreet project. With the recent approval of their charter expansion, they also plan to open a high school in the near future.

I was impressed with the level of dedication and enthusiasm displayed by the Excel leadership and staff, but was completely blown away by the collection of Excel students who also attended last night’s function.

On a school night where they had already completed their homework, but had yet to study for some exams the next day, a wonderful collection of students served as ambassadors for the school. With charm and poise, they introduced themselves to everyone in the room in a very professional manner. The Excel middle schoolers left me feeling very proud to have been associated with building a facility to help them continue their phenomenal education.

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