This spring, Arrowstreet is the home of not one but two new graduates of the Boston Architectural College (BAC). Both David Burn and Matt Byrnes-Jacobsen completed their long and winding journey through the BAC, and for some reason they are both now incredibly relaxed and carefree.

For those who are unfamiliar with the BAC, it has a fairly unique educational model that is premised on a combination of classroom and workplace learning. All of the students who attend the BAC work full-time at area firms and attend evening classes. While the experience provides its students with an understanding of both practical and theoretical foundations of the architecture profession, managing those two worlds simultaneously is an extremely challenging proposition. Without exception, the duality of the education makes for many long nights and tests the dedication and endurance of its students.

Many of us at Arrowstreet are currently teaching or have taught at the BAC in the past, so from an instructor’s perspective we gain additional respect for the challenges that stem from the pedagogical approach. It is that insight that makes it so remarkable that both David and Matt have always fulfilled their professional obligations at Arrowstreet with thoroughness and zeal, all the while balancing their educational pursuits.

So congratulations to the both of them! We’ll try and let them enjoy themselves for a short while before giving them each two or three more projects to work on.