We’re excited to announce the start of construction for the new Brooke Mattapan Charter School that will be opening in the fall of 2014. This K-8 school is an expansion of the extremely successful program that the Brooke School is currently operating in Roslindale, and the staff and students who will occupy the Mattapan site will be relocating from a temporary space elsewhere in Boston.

The project is an adaptive re-use of a 1911 & 1959 vintage structure that has housed an orphanage, community center, and day care over the course of its many years. Located on a unique site within the City of Boston along American Legion Highway, the new location will provide outdoor play space with fields, wooded areas and basketball courts. The building itself will be jointly occupied by both the Brooke School and the Lena Park Community Center (who inhabited the building previously). The site has been vacant for the last five years, so the renewed activity that the project will bring via a combination of the school and the community center is a welcome development for the neighborhood.

The design incorporates a new fully accessible front entrance, as well as a small addition that houses a new elevator and stairwell. The interior has been gutted and re-designed for new classrooms and supplementary spaces. And the existing gymnasium within the building will be refurbished for use by both the school and the community center.

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