The Bloomberg administration just passed the first group of Building Resiliency Task Force proposals into law today. The bills included requirements for construction in flood zones, analyzing wind risks, and capturing stormwater to prevent flooding. If you haven’t read the original Urban Green Task Force recommendations, published this past June as a response to Hurricane Sandy, they can be downloaded here: http://www.urbangreencouncil.org/BRTF/Report.

The reports propose a series of recommendations for how each building type can resist damage, protect its occupants and recover quickly from a storm or other emergency. The summary report contains clear diagrams and brief bullet points for each of the recommendations, while the full report gets into great technical detail (exciting to us architects and engineers!) on how each recommendation can be achieved, while also balancing costs and other market forces.

Follow the status of future laws related to the Building Resiliency Task Force Reports here: http://www.urbangreencouncil.org/BRTF/Tracker.