Among all of the other interesting things that will be going on at the Architecture Boston Expo (ABX) this week, National Reprographics (NRI) is holding a 3D-printed model contest as part of the event’s 3D Printing Pavilion. The model contest involved the design of a 5,000-seat performance space on an ambiguous “waterfront” site. It wasn’t a lot to go on as far as real-world design problems go, but that was actually a nice change because it left a lot of details up to the imagination. Once designed, contestants were to submit a digital model file to NRI so that it could be printed for the ABX show.

Arrowstreet has submitted an entry for the contest, which you’ll be able to see on display at the Printing Pavilion. While you can see some sneak preview images of our entry here, the physical models that the 3D printers generate are always intriguing to see in person. The voting for the competition is open to all ABX attendees, so we’d highly encourage everyone to stop by the 3D Printing Pavilion and vote for your favorite entry (though we’re sure you’ll like ours the best!).

ABX is being held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center Tuesday through Thursday this week (Nov. 19-21)

Topics: Urban Design, Planning