Construction continues on Arrowstreet’s newest resort hotel. Located at The Pinehills in Plymouth Massachusetts, The Mirbeau Inn and Spa will be the second property in the Mirbeau brand conceived and developed by Gary and Linda Dower. The Plymouth property- like the flagship in Skaneateles, New York- is inspired by French country architecture focused on a signature garden with ponds modeled after the Monet gardens of Giverny. Arrowstreet worked closely with the Dowers to design a property that expands on the brand signatures of the original, while developing a distinctive and unique appeal of its own.

Mirbeau at the Pinehills is modeled after a more formal French wine country estate, with a main house and formal courtyard rising up on a knoll at the end of the Pinehill development’s village green. At this point of the construction, the mass of the main building and its relationship to the green is clearly visible as the roof framing for the third floor of guestrooms is placed.

To the right of the main house, steel framing for the “chapel” restaurant is in place. Arrowstreet was charged with developing a distinctive design for the dining area, providing the restaurant with its own unique identity to create a memorable experience for guests and the general public. The concept for the chapel won out over other potential forms (carriage houses, barns, etc.) as it provided a unique architectural expression and supported Mirbeau’s significant wedding business. The form of the space can be seen in the curved steel roof structure in place on the site today.

Probably the most memorable aspect of the New York Mirbeau property are the Monet-inspired gardens. Arrowstreet worked with the Dowers to make certain that this experience remained a central aspect of the brand in this new location. The buildings have been sited to create a focus on the lush gardens, transporting guests to the French countryside experienced by Monet in the late 1800s. In order to accommodate the 50 luxury rooms and suites, a second (less formal) guest house building sits along the north edge of the site, along the adjacent golf course. Together, the two buildings create the intimate garden court between them.

While the exterior continues to go up, some important aspects of the interior spaces are already in place. A signature aspect of the spa experience, the spa resting area is taking shape. Again inspired by a unique and memorable element in Skaneateles, the resting area will be anchored by a large boulder in the center of the heated foot pool. This significant stone was placed well in advance of the construction of the floor and framing above. Local to the Plymouth area, this unique stone reflects both the environment of Mirbeau Pinehills and ties the new location to the resting area of the original Inn in New York.

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