We have been lucky enough to host many friends of the firm over the last two weeks we’ve been in our new space. For those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to visit, we took a couple of photos so you can get an idea of where we work.

The first photo reveals the space that’s currently dubbed the media lab – a casual and comfortable space that accommodates individuals, small groups, and office-wide meetings. Furnished with a soft sectional sofa, high countertop with barstool seating, reading library, work table, and large-screen TV, this has quickly become a favorite amongst our staff. Some of us even tuned into the Olympics during lunch time; others brought their kids in to hang out here during school vacation week.

The second photo shows one of the shared work areas, where our team exchanges information and ideas. High-top tables, open desks, and glass meeting rooms foster an open and collaborative environment while supporting various meeting types. The high tables accommodate large-format plans so we can spread out somewhere other than at our desks, which is also a much better use of space.

Next month, we will be photographing the office in its entirety. Stay tuned!

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