As a member of the BSA Committee for the Advancement of Sustainability, I had the good fortune to help plan the Forum on Sustainable Public Policy last June. The summary of this event is available now to view and download on the BSA website, here. The intent of the forum was to share with community leaders, citizens, and practitioners the current public and private sector policies that foster and promote sustainable endeavors including buildings, infrastructure, transportation, and planning. Presenters described how these policies and efforts on several fronts cultivate, encourage, and nurture a societal shift toward a more sustainable Massachusetts. The event was jointly sponsored by USGBC Massachusetts and AIA Massachusetts and has been presented to the Massachusetts candidates for governor.

My participation in this forum was twofold. As a practicing architect, it is important to keep abreast of the programs and policies in place that can help pay for and recognize the achievement of sustainable building design. This impacts my design and alerts clients to funding opportunities. Secondly, as a member of the larger architectural community, I believe it is important to advocate for policy that enforces an environmental, economic, and social sustainable future.

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