We are pleased to add a new piece of technology to our arsenal – the architectural drone! I’ll leave the debate about the military, police states, and Amazon.com for a different forum, but we are excited at the potential for this new equipment in our architectural practice.

Our team has been dreaming up all sorts of potential uses for this little helicopter with an HD camera, once commercial use is cleared for takeoff. Examining high and precarious existing conditions, observing hard-to-reach details at active construction sites, and experiencing our built projects from a completely new vantage point are just some of our initial ideas.

For the time being, our band of recreational drone pilots will be practicing our skills indoors during our lunch hour, despite the inherent perils. (The clear opening between the top of our desks and the indirect light fixtures is kind of tight!) By the time regulations have been established, we’ll have a team of experienced and enthusiastic operators…and hopefully not too many dents in the walls.

Topics: Technology