Senior Associates (Left to Right: Greg Triplett, Jonathan Garland, Kate Bubriski, Jason King, Jessica Bessette) Associates (Upper Left, Clockwise: Matt Byrnes-Jacobsen, Carlo Lewis, Lee Morrissette, Joel Dixon, Justin DiCristofalo, Jordan Zimmermann, Caroline Feran, Cat McGee)

Today we’re celebrating the best part of Arrowstreet: our people.  Specifically, we’re announcing new Associates and Senior Associates.  These staff members bring fresh ideas, creativity, and energy to the firm day after day, week after week, and we are proud to promote them to leadership positions at the firm.

At Arrowstreet, becoming an associate is strongly tied with an individual’s project contributions, their involvement in firm-wide initiatives, and their leadership both within and outside of the firm.  We congratulate all of the new Associates and Senior Associates!

Senior Associates:

  • Jessica Bessette
  • Kate Bubriski
  • Jonathan Garland
  • Jason King
  • Greg Triplett


  • Matt Byrnes-Jacobsen
  • Justin DiCristofalo
  • Joel Dixon
  • Caroline Feran
  • Carlo Lewis
  • Cat McGee
  • Lee Morrissette
  • Jordan Zimmermann