Amy Korte and David Bois Scott Pollack The Congress Square team made use of many different models throughout their design and approval process

Every month or so, Arrowstreet has an office-wide design forum, allowing everyone to learn more about an active project from the team working on it. On a recent Friday our office came together for a pizza lunch and a presentation on Congress Square.

Owner Related Beal asked Arrowstreet to develop a master plan and design 350,000 square feet at the space, which is spread out over multiple buildings located across the street from our design studio. The presentation included a general background and history on the parcel, which consists of 5 buildings and a pedestrian walkway. Principals Amy Korte, David Bois, and Scott Pollack, discussed the evolution of their current design, bringing us through the design process and allowing everyone to see how the team and project have evolved since beginning in mid-2013.

One of the particularly interesting aspects of Congress Square involves taking several historically significant buildings and reinventing them in a way that pays homage to the original details that have made them special for the last century. The dedication of the team has paid off as Congress Square has recently been granted the full support of the BRA. Check back soon for more updates!

Topics: Mixed Use, Culture, Events