Photo Courtesy of Boston Properties University

This is the conclusion of a series of posts on the September 2015 presentation of Boston Properties University at the Broad Institute at MIT. Click here for Part I, Part II, and Part III in the series!

Part IV: Waterkeepers
After Arrowstreet’s involvement in the Boston ULI design charrette “Living with Water: The Urban Implications,” which was co-chaired by our own Amy Korte, Marc Yaggi’s talk seemed especially relevant. While Living with Water focused on sea level rise and protecting us from water, Marc spoke of the other side of the coin—protecting the water itself. The Waterkeepers’ goal is to ensure all have access to clean, safe water for drinking and recreation worldwide. At present, droughts from California to Australia have made this a major issue in the US and worldwide, and it is imperative that the development community be aware of the situation and establish ways to reduce and re-use the limited potable water supply we have.

For those of us who live on the coast and have more fear of the damage water can do to us than the lack of it, it was noteworthy to hear about drought issues on a global scale, and establish ways that we may be able to make sure that as we are developing and designing new and old buildings we are paying attention to all sources of water, not just those that may cause a flood!

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