It’s the second year an interactive light and sound event lit up the night in Boston. This past weekend, Illuminus, the last event of HUBweek, took over Lansdowne Street and the lower concourse of Fenway Park. This event showcases the creative and boundary-pushing abilities of artists and technology that is at our fingertips.

I attended Illuminus last year and was blown away by the projections on both buildings and sculpture. This year, I was even more impressed with the immersive sound that accompanied the projections, on the backside of The Green Monster. The structure became a percussion instrument at the hands of local musicians featuring original pieces accompanied by sound activated visuals. “Waking the Monster” is a project that is impossible to replicate outside of Boston.

Another project utilizing the structure of Fenway Park was “Fit”, designed by artist Jim Kalambokis. “Fit” made me feel slightly uncomfortable, as if I could not move, as I watched 3 figures projected onto the wall that appeared to be constrained in a large box, defined by the structural beams.

In the lower level of the parking garage, one project that stood out to me, and almost everyone at the event based on the line, was “Between Doors”. This project forced the participant to choose a door based on their current interpretation of the words before them. Some of the choices included “Hungry” vs. “Satisfied” or “Mystery” vs. “Certainty.” At the end of the exhibit, there was a large screen projecting the data collected by tracking the various participants’ paths.

I was really impressed with Illuminus’ ability to utilize the different structures on Lansdowne Street, including the lower portion of Fenway Park. The event was able to house several types of projects without having awkward overlaps or areas that felt empty.


Topics: Design, Culture, Graphics, Events