Arrowstreet’s Drew Kaczmarek, Mike Conlan, Amy Korte;  Massport’s Robert Leger; Arrowstreet’s David Bois, Justin DiCristofalo, Maneesh Dwivedi, Stefan Chaires, Lauren Haggerty

Arrowstreet recently joined Massport for a topping off ceremony for Logan International Airport’s Central Garage West, hosted by the contractor, Turner Construction.

In the photos, you can see the kinetic façade going up, which moves based on wind currents. The façade screens the garage from the nearby Hilton Hotel while also serving as a beautiful visual landmark, maintains a feeling of openness for garage users, and creates a dynamic backdrop to the 9/11 memorial. The garage’s responsive skin is comprised of 48,000 curved aluminum squares set within 353 pre-assembled panels that span 8 stories high and 290 feet wide.