We are happy to welcome Sallyann Thomas to Arrowstreet as Director of Interior Design. In this role, Sallyann is responsible for leading the work of the interiors group: mentoring staff and upholding a high standard for design. Her work bridges the lines of disciplines, blending interior design with architecture and environmental graphics. Embracing the collaborative culture at Arrowstreet, Sallyann is excited to bring thoughtful interiors programming to the design of buildings early in the process, and work across the multi-family, corporate/lab, and hospitality sectors.

Sallyann develops strong connections with clients, resulting in relationships that have spanned many years and multiple projects. During the visioning process she has an innate ability to understand each client’s vision, brand, and project goals, and then translate them into creative design solutions. Some of her meaningful projects include the Mattapan Community Health Center, Children’s Hospital, Baystate Hospital of the Future, and Boston Health Care for the Homeless, where the experience of building visitors is greatly impactful to their daily lives. At Arrowstreet, Sallyann is currently working on the lobby at Congress Square in Boston and interiors for Greybarn on Long Island.

Sallyann originally hails from the United Kingdom, where she attended Glasglow College. She continually travels to Europe to visit family and friends, informing her design process and ideas, as well as providing inspiration for color, texture, and materials. We are pleased to have Sallyann as part of our team and look forward to her leadership on our interiors work.