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Brooklyn Boulders (BKB) has opened their fourth location in Queensbridge, New York, joining the other locations in Brooklyn, NY; Chicago, IL; and Somerville, MA. Queensbridge has Brooklyn Boulders traditional climbing and bouldering walls, personal training facilities, and Active Collaborative Workspace, but takes things one step further as the first to be located in a luxury, high-rise apartment building. At BKB Queensbridge, you can have the ultimate live-work-play experience, just three minutes from Manhattan.

The other BKB gyms are located in warehouses or industrial spaces, so Queensbridge’s gentrifying neighborhood is a departure from their standard location. As stated in Bloomberg news, ideal members of BKBQB “will live in the apartments, found companies in the co-working space, hold meetings while hanging on the walls, and maybe even network over cocktails after hours.”

The residential building was already constructed when BKB decided on the location, and Arrowstreet worked within the constraints of a space that was never intended to be a climbing gym. We worked without a column grid, with varying ceiling heights, and with irregular shapes to create the soaring spaces needed for climbing. Through these challenges, we’ve ended up with a unique space that delivers climbers a true live-work-play environment.  Arrowstreet has been working with BKB on similar projects across the country, and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!

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