Kristin decorated with candy canes We enjoyed lots of treats Ingrid was the master planner And she told everyone the rules Jessica opened the returning Frankenstein as the first gift There was discussion over whether or not to trade This was serious business Before the final swap, everyone showed their gift And Jessica traded Frank for an iPhone holder

This week, Arrowstreet was filled with holiday cheer! We gathered in our VooDoo Lounge for eggnog, cookies, candy canes, and our 2nd Annual Yankee Swap. Over 30 members of our staff participated in this year’s event, and much fun was had by all in the competitive gift swap.  An amaryllis plant and a Starbucks gift card cleverly concealed between two tile samples were the most stolen items, but the biggest laugh of the night came from the reappearance of a Frankenstein bust. The Yankee Swap has earned a place as an Arrowstreet tradition, and all of us send you best wishes for a happy holiday season.

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