You can travel between the connected zones with Bridj

I commute from Coolidge Corner in Brookline to Arrowstreet’s Post Office Square office on the Green Line. A year ago, I saw small groups of people waiting in the morning for what looked like a private driver.  One day I decided to ask what were they waiting for and was told about Bridj. The company operates small, luxurious shuttle buses with Wi-Fi access between Kendall Square, Back Bay, the Financial District, and the Seaport. After making an online reservation and planning your pick-up and drop-off spots, you meet your bus and find your seat.

A few weeks after learning about it, I decided to try Bridj, downloading the app and booking my first trip. It was great; it’s the commuting equivalent to flying first class. Almost a year later, I’m hooked on the customer service and comfort.

The communication their app provides is also useful. Once, I was running late and missed the bus, and they sent me a code to book my next ride for free. And they keep you updated; if one of the rides is late they send you a message with an approximate timeframe so you can make other arrangements. At the moment, the average cost for a one-way trip is $4, so I also have a T-pass…but when I’m on a packed train I ask myself why I didn’t take Bridj instead.

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