Arrowstreet is working with the Hyde Square Task Force (HSTF) on the renovation of the Ceverus Building, home to its Youth Community Development Center. The 15,000-square-foot building is located in Jamaica Plain, and offers a variety of arts programs, including dance rehearsal space, a soundproof music-recording studio, a dedicated computer lab, and four multi-use classrooms. Each week, over 500 young people participate in dance and music classes, college prep, and other programs. We are assisting with facility improvements and system upgrades so the Ceverus Building can offer additional services to the community.

Part of our work is to help plan the space to minimize sound pollution caused by some of these activities. One area of focus was soundproofing the Afro-Latin percussion room so drummers can practice without disturbing students studying for their SATs.  Doug Bell of Cavanaugh Tocci Associates took sound transmission measurements to determine where the noise is coming from and how to improve the acoustics. The percussion room is in the basement, with windows facing a residential neighborhood, so Doug suggested infilling some of the windows to prevent sound from escaping. Additional recommendations included building a double stud wall with a one-inch gap and sound insulation to prevent noise from traveling through interior walls to the hallway. Finally, a foyer space will be created, requiring users to enter and exit through two sets of doors, which will act as a barrier to additional noise.

Construction is expected to begin in April of this year.

Topics: Design, Technology