As Advocacy Chair of the USGBC Massachusetts, it was a pleasure to host in partnership with AIA Massachusetts, a roundtable discussion with a dozen sustainable and environmental focused organizations from the Commonwealth. We had an exciting group of people who advocate for solutions to climate change, education, health, etc…The purpose of the roundtable was to discuss advocacy goals around the planning and buildings sectors. While the organizations at the table cross paths on various issue coalitions, it was appreciated by all that this meeting brought us together in a way no other meeting does.

We started by looking back at all of the successful environmental legislation passed in Massachusetts in the past. Past legislative successes involved many organizations working together, including those not typically aligned, and diverse messaging that appealed to all stakeholders. These are things we should focus on for future success. We also discussed big picture strategy, ways in which we can connect, and what resources we all have and need. Whether it is providing expertise, educating the base, or sharing success stories in the built environment there is much that each organization brings to the table.

Thanks to the BSA Space for providing the location for this roundtable.

Topics: Sustainability