As a part of the HUBweek festival, Arrowstreet participated in Harvard Innovation Lab’s “Explore the Emerging Worlds of Augmented and Virtual Reality” event.  Our team presented work using the GearVR and the HTC Vive to immerse visitors in how we are using Virtual Reality as part of our design process.

We showed interior and exterior 360-degree views of a boutique hotel in downtown Boston created from images that were exported directly from our Revit model and produced using A360 and InsiteVR. The process of quickly viewing a project in 360 ˚ enables us to show design iterations from different vantage points and to better understand our decisions within a given context. Designers and clients benefit from the ability to stop and look around, talk about and see the design in three-dimensions, and visualize space during the design process.

The HTC Vive creates an immersive and interactive experience within a virtual space. We exported one of our Revit models into Unity and programmed the ability to apply materials, move (or throw) furniture, draw in space, and move through the project. With the Vive, our project teams are able to work through design ideas within a virtual space, as well as presenting interactive walk-throughs to clients where we can move walls, edit materials, and draw changes in real-time.

If you missed us at HUBweek, make sure to stop by the Immersive Visualization by ConstructionVR space at ABX to see our presentation in November!

Topics: Design, Technology, Events