We are proud to announce Arrowstreet’s Brooklyn Boulders Chicago project was a 2016 Gold Winner at the [City] Design Awards in Chicago last month. An adaptive reuse of two adjacent church buildings, the design reflects the client—a company steeped in the urban traditions of Brooklyn—and represents the subtle sophistication of the climbing community by seamlessly blending adventure, creativity, and performance; large wood trusses greet visitors upon entering the reception area, serving as a reminder of the building’s history. The open feel achieved in the climbing areas gives the facility a welcoming, communal atmosphere and is endlessly flexible, providing enough space for performances and events. The gym is a place where work meets workout; the “Active Collaborative Workspace” is a signature component of the gym’s brand and is where climbers and local start-ups can interface between workout sessions.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambiance that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. Click here to learn more.


Topics: Awards, Retail, Brooklyn Boulders