Arrowstreet’s Virtual/Augmented Reality Team is speaking at the AR in Action Leadership Summit in NYC on June 6-7. Principal, Amy Korte AIA, along with Kachina Studer and Kat Schneider are presenting a panel on AR in Architecture on June 7.

Convening the top minds of the augmented reality ecosystem, this twice annual event explores the challenges and opportunities that face inventors, innovators, integrators, investors, and other executives working to bring the benefits of AR to the world.

Additional panels include:

Kat Schneider
Block 6 | Panel 6: AR in Art & Design
June 7, 12:40pm–12:55pm

Amy Korte, Kachina Studer, Kat Schneider
Block 6 | Panel 8: AR in Architecture
June 7, 1:05pm–1:15pm

Kachina Studer
Block 8 | Panel 2: AR Research
June 7, 5:15pm–5:30pm

Topics: Speaking Engagement, Technology