Arrowstreet is currently designing the new Hildreth Elementary School, a public PK-5 school in Harvard, MA. During this first phase, the Feasibility Study, we are working with the district to evaluate their existing facility; goals and educational vision; identify what makes the Hildreth school special. Part of this work involves speaking and listening to a lot of people—administrators, parents, staff, community members, teachers, and students. Recently we were fortunate to talk with some special experts at Hildreth about what they liked about their school, what they would improve, and most importantly their vision of what a school should look like and function. We got some great suggestions including skating rinks and helipads and many of them talked about how a school should welcome all and be a place for learning and fun.

We thank the students and teachers of Hildreth for taking the time to dream and play with us as we work to bring their hopes and dreams for the new school into fruition.

Topics: education, academic, K-12, Schools, Hildreth, charrette, engagement