‘Twas the night of the Yankee Swap, and all through the firm
Not an Architect was working, not even the printers throughout the whole firm
The gifts were laid out in the Voodoo Lounge with care
In hopes that all the participants would soon be there;

The Architects were nestled all snug with a beer,
While the ugly sweaters appeared out of nowhere!
One by one, began the swap of gifts, with 31 competitive players receiving such poor gifts!

All in good fun, as the night came to its end, we laughed and we cheered, we can’t wait to get out of our ugly sweaters this year!

Thank you to Ingrid Bates for putting together our annual Yankee Swap and Ugly Sweater competition! It’s always a joy and such fun with coworkers to partake in friendly holiday games. This year’s ugly sweater was a close call, but, cheers to David Wasserman for having and wearing the ugliest sweater all day throughout the office!

Topics: Culture, Arrowstreet, Holidays, Ugly Sweater, Yankee Swap