Join Arrowstreet Principal Amy Korté AIA for a forum exploring the impact of climate resilient implementation measures on the public realm. This is the second of two forums presented by the BSA, BSA Foundation and the Boston Green Ribbon Commission. At the first forum the City of Boston presented its plans to make every vulnerable neighborhood more resilient to increased water through detailed district reports, flood zoning and reliance design guidelines. Architects Ted Touloukian AIA and Todd Dundon then demonstrated how they are using the City of Boston’s work to create safer development projects that also double as public open space amenities.

The upcoming session will examine how climate resilient design features look from the outside. When planners and designers talk about elevating streets or blocking water with natural berms, where does the water go? When the first floor of one site is elevated what happens to the neighbor next door? How dopractitioners design for resilience while maintaining an active streetscape?

Attendees will hear about the City of Boston’s continuing work to create a resilient Boston while also maintaining walkability and increasing waterfront access. Also presententing will be an architect and landscape architect who address these issues in their everyday work throughout vulnerable neighborhoods.

Alision Brizius, Director of Climate and Environmental Planning, Boston Environment Department
Julie A. Eaton, E.I.T. Lead Resiliency Engineer, Weston & Sampson
Amy Korte AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Arrowstreet Inc.
Robert Adams ASLA, Principal, Halvorson Design

Tickets: https://www.architects.org/programs-and-events/climate-resilience-and-public-realm

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