Two members of the Arrowstreet team – Principal Larry Spang and Director of Sustainability and Building Performance Kate Bubriski – will be speaking at  ABX (Architecture Boston Expo) this week. Registration for each session is at the ABX official website, via the links below:


WE19 – Get Schooled: Cost Effective School Design in Massachusetts(Larry Spang)
Wednesday, November 28 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

In Massachusetts, where the cost of living, materials, and labor are high, it is vitally important to make reasonable and appropriate expenditures when designing and constructing high quality learning environments. Through materials, programming, systems, and detailing choices, designers can accommodate a range of budgets while creating an educational environment where students can thrive.

We’ll discuss the key drivers in the costs of Massachusetts public school design – making critical design choices for high quality learning environments; cost effective and responsible methods that deliver high quality learning environments; using life cycle analysis of materials and systems; and design choices to promote reasonable and appropriate expenditures decisions by clients.

Using MSBA funded and charter school project experiences, the panel will give insight into cost-effective K-12 academic design and construction. The panel will provide observations from both the architectural side as well as the view of owner’s project managers, giving a 360˚ view of Massachusetts school projects and design.


TH18 – Working Towards Carbon Neutral in the City of Cambridge (Kate Bubriski)
Thursday, November 29 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

In 2015, the City of Cambridge took the extraordinary step of committing to a 25-year Net Zero Action Plan, with the goal of transforming the City into a Net Zero community by 2040. The Martin Luther King School and The King Open/Cambridge Street Upper Schools and Community Complex (KOCSUSCC) are among the City’s first projects to be built under this ambitious mandate. The Design Team’s took on this lofty charge and developed the site, schools, and community center to meet the Net Zero Emissions challenge. The broader team committed to an energy efficient design and operation of the facilities. The Martin Luther King School designed their project to LEED V3 and produced 47% of the annual energy required for the building on site. The King Open project utilized the LEED V4 system, and optimized newer technologies to achieve 60% of the Net Zero Goal onsite.
To date, Net Zero buildings have been relatively small compared to the 273,000 sf KOCSUSCC and 170,000sf of the Martin Luther King School due to the limitations of current on-site power generating technologies. Join the design teams to discuss the intricacies of Net Zero design on larger scale projects.

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