On December 5, from 5:30-7:00pm, Arrowstreet will hosting the BSLA Tech Committee event “Mixed Reality for Climate Change” and will be presenting on the power of mixed reality in visualizing and preparing for the impacts of climate change.

Demonstrating and educating designers, planners, clients, and the public about climate change can be difficult. This is especially true with static 2D media such as heat maps and flood potential diagrams. Mixed Reality is extremely useful in understanding predicted climate change impacts and then to design infrastructure and buildings to address these impacts. This presentation will explore the various capabilities of mixed reality to be utilized in this work. Arrowstreet’s  Ananya Vij, Amy Korté, Katherine Schneider, and Kachina Studer will be presenting, demonstrating, and will also allow attendees to experience the platforms themselves.

This meeting is free and open to all, so please RSVP here!