Arrowstreet Principal Scott Pollack will be presenting on The Base of the Future at the 2019 Defense Communities National Summit on June 12th.

The Base of the Future needs to help service members effectively and efficiently accomplish the mission so they can do more in less time. This can only be achieved by providing data-driven design and planning so that leaders can ensure that services and facilities are in the right places and are available at the right times. Whenever and wherever possible, we need to determine whether the host community can provide needed services in an affordable, accessible and acceptable fashion. Understanding the profile and capabilities of our host communities and jointly planning with them is critical to this new vision. This session will discuss the methods and technology being developed to enable leadership to make data-driven decisions and explore ways that existing processes, such as JLUS MEF’s, could allow bases and host communities to jointly plan the Base of the Future.

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Topics: Scott Pollack, Data Science, ADC, Base of the Future