Each year Arrowstreet has celebrated Earth Month in April. For 2020 we are recognizing Earth Year!

With 2020 upon us, we are just a decade away from the deadline of the Architecture 2030 Challenge to reduce carbon emissions and build a sustainable, resilient, and equitable world. Healthy, sustainable buildings are a reality and we are designing them every day. They position and support our clients to meet current and future financial climate risks. Earth Year 2020 means going beyond the daily work we do on our projects to think bigger and more globally about our impact.

Each month we will be taking action in the three areas of our strategic plan, People, Place, and Projects, and focusing on a topic of the AIA Framework for Design Excellence. The topics include Designing for:

  • Integration
  • Equitable Communities
  • Ecology
  • Water
  • Economy
  • Energy, Wellness, Resources, Change, and Discovery

We are kicking off #EarthYear2020 with a storytelling event on February 6th. Storytelling is important to make connections with others to create a shared experience and work towards common goals. At the kickoff, staff will tell their stories and inspire others to find their story throughout the year. We will be collecting each of our own stories and sharing them with you on our media platforms.

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