Arrowstreet’s Director of Sustainability and Building Performance, Kate Bubriski, will be joining Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy and The Boston Green Ribbon Commission for their first GRCx Series Webinar on Urban Geothermal to Electrify Heating and Cooling Systems

Carbon neutral buildings in cities were considered a pipe dream only a few years ago, but necessary to address climate change. The Carbon Free Boston report shows that two thirds of the City’s emissions come from building operations, and that electrifying building heating and cooling is necessary to move from fossil fuels to renewable energy and thus remove carbon emissions from the energy equation.

Using the thermal mass of the Earth as a source for heating and cooling through ground source heat exchange tends to be feasible where land for well fields is more generous than in dense urban settings. However, as new local projects are proving, geothermal technology in cities is far from impossible. This GRCx program will demystify the use of ground source heat pump “geothermal” technology and share strategies for overcoming the challenges of developing fossil fuel free/carbon free projects in cities.

Learn from Boston University’s experience developing the 345,000 square foot Center for Computing and Data Sciences and from the 270,000 square foot King Open/Cambridge Street Upper Schools & Community Complex in Cambridge.

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John Cleveland (Moderator)
Executive Director
Boston Green Ribbon Commission

Dennis Carlberg, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Associate Vice President for Sustainability
Boston University

Jacob Knowles
Associate Principal, Director of Sustainable Design
BR+A Engineers

Kate Bubriski, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Director of Sustainability and Building Performance

About GRCx:

GRCx is an interactive program series from the Boston Green Ribbon Commission designed to accelerate the implementation of the City’s Climate Action Plan by providing high-quality, useful content on climate resilience and carbon mitigation to the Boston community.

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