Arrowstreet was excited to top off Earth Month 2021 by receiving a Fitwel 1 Star Rating for our workplace!

Fitwel certification assesses workplace design based on its impact on occupant health and wellbeing. The standard uses evidence-based design and proven strategies to assess positive impacts on human health in buildings and communities. Fitwel was created by experts in public health and design including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the General Services Administration (GSA) and now operated by the not-for-profit Center for Active Design (CfAD).

Part of Arrowstreet’s mission is to create healthy buildings for all. In that spirit, it was integral to lead by example and design and promote wellness in our own workplace.

Some strategies incorporated into Arrowstreet’s office design and operations include:

  • Immediate access to outdoor spaces including walking paths, green space, restorative spaces, farmers markets
  • Accessible by several modes of public transit that increased employee public transit use by 90% from previous location
  • Monthly programming to support employee physical, mental, and social health
  • Operational policies for indoor air quality (IAQ), cleaning, hygiene, green purchasing, and healthy food
  • Daylit office space with access to a variety of work settings, break areas, exercise area, and employee support areas

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