Arrowstreet’s Graphic Design Studio worked closely with the architectural team and staff at Hildreth Elementary to design a large-scale mural in their new building in Harvard, MA. This 82’ long mural in the heart of the school continues the theme of nature, mainly native species of Harvard, and is central to the entire signage and graphic program.

The architecture naturally divides the mural into three sections:

  1. A map of Harvard anchoring the top of the learning stairs.
  2. An apple orchard spanning the hallway behind the technology room.
  3. A world map spanning two floors in the media center.

The map of Harvard by the learning stair features illustrations of major destinations and roadways, neighboring towns, and a selection of native plant and animal species. As you continue down the hallway, you find yourself in an apple orchard—a prominent feature in the Town of Harvard—which depicts the stages of an orchard from spring to winter. Quotes from historians and authors about the importance of protecting the Earth are woven through the trees and nestled amongst the birds and other hidden animals. As you step onto the bridge, you are up close and personal with the seven continents that make up the planet. The land is color-coded to identify Earth’s biomes and features illustrations of natural landmarks and their distances from Harvard. Great care was taken to ensure an accurate representation of the globe. An Equal Earth map projection was selected as the base for the main map. Additional map projections are visible above the shelves in the media center, illustrating a small sample of the various ways the Earth can be depicted two-dimensionally.

The graphics continue the school’s branding and bring color and interest to these walls while acting as a teaching tool for the students to learn more about their town, nature’s life cycles, biomes, map projections, and some of the world’s most important natural landmarks.

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