For the month of May, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), along with several other organizations nationwide, observed Mental Health Awareness month with this year’s theme of “Together for Mental Health.” At Arrowstreet, we firmly believe that our people are our primary asset and each one’s mental health is key. In alignment with this theme, we recognized awareness, support, and advocacy for mental health through several in-person activities which focused on our team’s health, happiness, and unity. We are all in this together!

To kick off the month-long observance, our awesome Graphics team laser printed a textured Gratitude Wall for our kitchen and it was put on full display for all to enjoy! The idea behind the wall was to share with everyone what you are grateful for and to read what others are too! Team members placed colorful Post-its all along the wall with their own grateful, filled messages. One might say, it was a great way to end the first week on a “positive note”.

The following week, we were pinkies up for a teatime social! The team gathered for a morning pick-me up at the Gratitude Wall for some scrumptious biscotti, locally sourced honey, and an assortment of organic, loose-leaf teas. In case one was unsure of which tea to taste test, each selection had a descriptive card explaining the tea’s unique, health benefits. Here is the menu for your own pleasure:

  • Imperial White – skin and hair health, weight loss, improves calmness, focus, and alertness, oral health, reduces inflammation, and regulates blood sugar spikes
  • Oolong – weight loss, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, anti-hyperglycemic properties, improves gut health, decreases vascular inflammation, and increases mental focus
  • Peppermint – eases stomach aches and different types of headaches, freshens your breath, relieves clogged sinuses and cramps, improves energy, fights bacterial infections, and improves sleep
  • Lychee – rich in antioxidants, energy booster, weight loss, stabilizes blood sugar, heart health, anti-cancer agents, and aids in bone health 
  • 500 Mile Chai – rich in antioxidants, boosts heart health, improves digestion, increases energy and alertness, skin health, and reduces inflammation
  • Butterfly Pea – hair and skin health, weight loss, blood sugar control, reduces inflammation, immune system booster, reduces fevers, increases cognitive focus, urinary tract health, and detoxifier 
  • Earl Grey – improves energy, reduces anxiety, aids in digestion, boosts immunity, oral health, and helps reduce blood pressure

Team time Fun Fact: For centuries, tea leaves have also been used as an herbal, preventive medicine since they contain EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), a plant-based compound, known for its potential, positive results within mental health (the brain especially!).

Water is one of the best things for you in terms of healthy drinks but what if, occasionally, you would like to try an alternative that tastes delicious, can be made right at home, and provides an abundance of overall nutrition and wellness? Well, our solution was to host a Wellness Shots event!

The event showcased a variety of shot glass sized, healthy beverages, which promoted several mental health and overall health benefits. All these drinks are purely organic and contain no artificial sugar and ingredients – adding to the natural hydration and toxin flushing agents that make them so beneficial to one’s overall health. 

Our Wellness mixologist and Head of IT, Jillian Lydon, created these recipes from scratch for her teammates and shared the ingredients for future use. Here is a list of the drinks’ names, contents, and benefits in case you would like to recreate some on your own time. These items are easily accessible at your local grocery store:

  • The Immune boosting shot (“Mean Green”): kale, celery, green apple, lemon, ginger, turmeric, cucumber, and spirulina
  • The Mood boosting (“The Pink Drink”): beetroot, carrots, celery, apple, ginger, blueberry, and blackberry
  • The Rescue shot (“Orange you glad you came to work today”): carrot, orange, pineapple, ginger, and turmeric
  • The Gut shot (“Drink me if you dare”): Bragg organic apple cider vinegar, lemon, ginger, cucumber, pineapple, celery, cayenne, and oil of oregano

Wellness shot Fun Fact: the fruits, vegetables, oil, and spice listed above have their own, separate benefits apart from being mixed. For example:

  • Spirulina (aka blue-green algae): can lower “Bad” LDL Cholesterol and tri-glyceride levels
  • Green apples: wound healing properties
  • Beetroot: helps balance energy intake
  • Carrots: eye health and strengthen bones
  • Celery: reduces stress hormone levels
  • Oregano oil: natural antibiotic
  • Ginger: an anti-inflammatory ingredient can help with osteoarthritis
  • Turmeric: used in the treatment of depression  

To wrap up the month, presents were handed out in a “White Elephant” style wellness focused gift exchange! Teammates gathered around our Gratitude wall, picked numbers out of a hat, and selected a gift based upon what number they received. Some of the delightful gifts that were received included an ultrasonic diffuser, Dr. Teal’s pure Epsom salt bath, vital proteins, scented candles, smoothie recipe book, and an ambient light! We have had such a wonderful month here at Arrowstreet observing our team’s mental health and spreading awareness on how we may all help one another and shall always to care to remember…

“Mental health awareness is the recognition that our psychological well-being is an important part of our own health, productivity, and happiness, as well as the well-being of our communities.”

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