Following the previous successful event, Arrowstreet once again partnered with TEDxBoston for the design service of the May event, the Epic Strides. We are honored to have worked with TEDxBoston on this opportunity which marked the 50 years of Title IX and celebrated the stories of successes of women athlete speakers.

Our design team understood that the stage design would be a critical part of the event and would make an impact on the overall presentation. In configuring the event spaces and brainstorming ideas, the ultimate question came to be, “how else can we celebrate these women”? How do we make this event unique and memorable?

Considering the stage location and the need to incorporate TEDxBoston branding, the team designed a space that reflected, inspired, shared, and connected the speakers and audience in the immediate room as well as those beyond.

In preparation for the event, the design team has asked the speakers to send in a picture of the bottom of their shoes along with a profile picture that would be turned into abstract silhouettes for the backdrop. Each shoe was printed onto individual felt hexagon pieces, with material generously donated by Designtex , and later combined into a modular carpet. The creation of this unique feature translated into a “Walk in Their Shoes” moment.

Our designers explored the different ways to best demonstrate the relationship between TEDxBoston, their speakers, and their stories. The final design of the stage backdrop, a wall constructed of laser cut, translucent red acrylic, 3-dimensional “X’s” embedded with abstract silhouettes of the speakers, represented the Epic Strides theme holistically.

The modular carpet and backdrop were not merely for visual presence, it conveyed togetherness and connected all attendees in these moment of celebration.

Thank you, TEDxBoston for the chance to be a part of this inspirational event. Here’s to the women who trailblazed a path, and we look forward to the many more opportunities to come.

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